Beauty Centers

Globe Well specialize in chemical-free water treatment systems, Chlorine free and soft water is very important for beauty centers

Water quality is essential for Beauty, Spas, Hair Salons, Barber shops and Nail Salons which provide men and women with services to clean, condition, strengthen, cut, style and color their hair.

During shampooing, one of the common solutions for scale in hair and beauty salons is the quality of the water

By using Globe Well Water Treatment System, Chlorine will be out of the water as well as the water will be soft and accordingly the improvement of the quality of water will be reflected directly to your customers satisfaction

Spa Water Treatment; Globe Well introduce a chemical free water treatment system for Spa, if you are frustrated with hot tub chemical maintenance, and want your spa a clean, more comfortable spa with less work, less worry and lower cost, try our custom design water treatment system and we grantee that you will feel the difference