Multimedia Sand Filters

Multimedia Sand Filters

Sediment (or grit and turbidity) in water supply can cause problems when it settles out in tanks, plugs, pipes or fittings. Household and plumbing fixtures can be stained, while washing machines, dishwashers or hot water cylinders may be permanently damaged.

Suspended solids can be removed by Multimedia Sand Filters.

How do our Multimedia filters work?

Multimedia Sand Filters consist of progressively finer layers of anthracite, sand, garnet and a gravel support layer. As the supply water travels through the filter bed, the suspended solids are removed. 

Multimedia Sand Filters is recommended for surface water supply containing unacceptable levels of suspended solids and discoloration

Multimedia Sand Filters can remove sediment down to 15 microns

Multimedia Sand Filters is working with a very Low costs and Long-lasting media

Multimedia Sand Filters will benefit from low maintenance and running costs to long lasting media. Through regular automatic or manual backwashing, accumulated dirt is flushed out of our filters and the filter media is cleaned.