Pure Water is The Base of Health

      Wherever you live and whatever your water quality, we will have a solution to offer, we offer the best water 

and wastewater solutions and the largest variety of water treatment products and services.




GLOBE WELL CO., Since 2000, has provided domestic, commercial and industrial world-class water treatment systems combining affordable prices with high quality and attention to safety standards for Egyptian market ensuring a safe water supply for all whatever the raw water source and the quality water required.

Choosing GLOBE WELL mean you choose value for money.

GLOBE WELL offer high quality equipment supplied at affordable prices along with the added value of selection from our experts and finally covering all this with one of the best after-sales services and technical support.

GLOBE WELL cares about the safety of its customers especially when it comes to the water family uses and drink

GLOBE WELL aim is to provide their clients with the best possible solution to ensure their water supply are safe and doesn't adversely affect their health or household fittings and equipment’s.

Competitive prices: With our worldwide manufacturers and supplier’s network for many famous brands in water treatment, our customers can access the most affordable, high-quality products.

Lasting longer: GLOBE WELL carefully selected equipment’s and parts are last longer than normal. High quality leads to lower operating and maintenance costs, allowing our customers to save money.

Wide product range: GLOBE WELL can provide their clients with a solution for almost every water issue from small to large scale.

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