Healthcare Professionals

High-quality water is the most important issue for health

Clinics, patients and healthcare workers get more than just great-tasting water from Globe Well systems. Each customized solution allows your particular needs for substantial cost savings and improved patient and employee experiences.

Globe Well systems can improve your healthcare facility:

Water treated with filtration, deionization and UV or Ozone sanitization promotes consistency in experiments or lab work.

Patients and employees enjoy great-tasting water in food service applications with Globe Well water treatment systems.

Labor and maintenance costs are decreased and less detergent used for brighter, whiter, and softer linens.

Efficiency of boilers, cooling towers, and laundry equipment is increased by reducing scale.

Overall laundry cost savings.

Water Treatment Uses:

Boiler/hot water heater pre-treatment.

Cooling towers and chillers.

Food service.

Laundry facilities.

Laboratories and research rooms.