Hospitality - Lodging

Hospitality industry can realize substantial benefits by using treated water in boilers, hot water heaters, cooling towers, food service, laundry.

Globe Well is helping their clients to add value to their business.

Hotels using Globe Well solutions have the following savings:

Reduced scale buildup in equipment and fixtures.

Increased lifespan of equipment and lower maintenance costs.

Reduced operating costs.

30-35% reduction in use of detergent and chemicals.

Increased lifespan of linens.

Quality of the water = Guest’s satisfaction

So, upgrading the water quality takes a guest experience to a higher level. They’ll enjoy great-tasting water and ice, as well as softer, brighter linens. By reducing scale and iron buildup with softeners and filtration as well as also your staff will find cleaning much easier, and require fewer detergents.

Water Treatment Uses:

Boiler/hot water heater pre-treatment.

Cooling towers and chillers.

Food service.

Laundry facilities.