Food Service/Restaurants

Globe well systems save restaurants money, reduce use of chemicals and detergents, and can increase overall equipment efficiency and life. Boilers, water heaters, dishwashers, steamers, steam tables, beverages, and ice machines all benefit from treated water.

Globe well water treatment system provides more than just great-tasting water for restaurants.

Spot-free glasses and dishes, reduced overall operating costs, reduced utility, detergent, chemical costs and reduced downtime and maintenance repairs.

High-quality water is an essential ingredient for successful operation. Globe well customized solutions will reduce scale buildup and maintenance, while increasing the lifespan of equipment.

Water is the first item a customer tastes, so upgrading water quality is a small step that can make a lasting impression. Better-tasting water produces crisp, clearer ice cubes and high-quality carbonated beverages. In addition, linens will be brighter and softer, and tableware spot-free. Making these improvements enhances the customer’s dining experience and increases the chances for repeat their visits.

Each flexible system is designed by a Globe well Engineers based on client’s needs. Beginning with an on-site water analysis, modules are chosen to meet the requirements for improved cost savings. Contact a Globe well engineer today to learn more.

The water treatment solution can be useful for:

Boiler/hot water heater, Dish washers and glass washers, Steamers, drinking water and coffee filtration, Beverage and ice makers.